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Whether you’re thinking about your first step to becoming a landlord, or are a seasoned property investor, you’ll find Oakhill speaks your language. We can help you at every step, with the firm goal of arranging profitable, legally sound tenancies.

Rights and responsibilities

The landlord/tenant relationship involves a clear set of rights and responsibilities on both sides. Your tenants are entitled to expect a safe, legally-compliant home and to enjoy the property for a stated length of time. In turn, you’re entitled to expect tenants to pay their rent promptly and in full, and to look after your property in a responsible manner.

Before letting your property

Before taking steps to let your property, consider these questions below. This will help you be clear in your mind what you’re expecting, and will assist us in matching the right tenant to your property.

  • How long are you looking to let your property for?

  • What are the current costs of running your home?

  • Which items, if any, do you plan to take with you before you let your property?

  • Which items, if any, are you happy to leave for your tenants?

  • Have you any electrical or gas safety certificates?

  • Do you have information on how to work the heating and other appliances?

From there, we can:
  • Explain the current letting conditions in your market

  • Determine what work is required before you can let the property legally

  • Discuss an achievable amount you can charge each month

  • Advise on any changes you could make to the property to maximise its rental potential

  • Help you decide which of our services will be most beneficial to you

  • If needed, help you understand the role of a landlord, highlighting your responsibilities and tenants’ rights

Protecting you and your property

Occasionally, unexpected circumstances can arise throughout the letting process. That’s why one of our main objectives is to ensure landlords and their properties are protected in a wide range of different scenarios.

We protect landlords through:

  • Professional referencing with an external company

  • Being able to attract high-quality tenants

  • Understanding changes to landlord and tenancy laws

  • Being able to offer specialist rent loss insurance, based on the professional references that are carried out.

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